Amy Leonard

Filmmaker. Storyteller. Director.
Director Amy Leonard can be found creating wildly bold visuals for unique humanistic stories focusing on comedies and gritty dramas. Aiming to contribute to the cultural awakening, she shines more light and bizarre beauty into our highly complex and interconnected world with her work.

She thrives off of working with a team and knows the importance of remaining open within the parameters of any production, as every project comes into a unique life of its own.

Amy is currently pitching her new absurdly enlightening comedic series, 'The Art of Dumping' that she wrote and directed all while maneuvering through this crazy thing called life. She has also directed commercials for Bud Light, Duracell and high end luxury brands.

Amy loves smart comedy, sci-fi, gritty dramas, lush music videos, inspiring documentaries and anything out of the ordinary that has depth and heart. This life is something that Amy gives to directly from her own, understanding that film is a way to connect to life, to "the bigger picture" and the oneness of the Universe itself.

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